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Myanmar Visa

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Myanmar Visa Types

If you're from an e-visa-eligible country, you can apply for any of the options if you only spend a short time in Myanmar. We review each visa feature in this section to give you a fair idea of what you are applying for. Keep reading to learn more.

Fill out Myanmar tourist e-visa application form online and provide digital copies of the following documents:

01. Scanned copy of United Kingdom passport. A clear scan of the information pages of your valid, signed passport.

02. Passport-type photograph: must be uploaded to your applicant profile.

03. Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or detailed itinerary for the duration of the trip (Applicant's name must be on itinerary).

04. Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate. A copy of your Vaccination Certificate.

05. Negative COVID-19 test result. Perform a PCR, LAMP or NAA test 72 hours before your flight.

06. Proof of accommodation. A copy of hotel reservations or other lodgings for the duration of the trip. The applicant's name must be on the reservation.

Travelers MUST enter Myanmar at Yangon International Airport,
Mandalay International Airport,
Nay Pyi Taw International Airport,
Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint,
Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint,
Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint
Tamu Land Border Checkpoint,
Rih Khaw Dar Land Border Checkpoint to be eligible for e-visas.
 Otherwise, please use Tourist Visa link.

Myanmar tourist e-visa fees for citizens of United Kingdom

Type of visa
Embassy fee
Service fee
Total cost
Single entry
up to 3 months
3 business days

Tourist e-visa required

Business e-visa required

Business visa required

Conference e-visa required

Conference visa required

Journalist visa required

Medical treatment e-visa required

Work visa required

Student visa required

Myanmar e Visa For Tourism

The tourist e-vids are issued by the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to tourist visitors. This online visa is valid for 3 months from the date it is issued, and the holder can stay in the country for up to 28 days. The tourist visa is a single entry visa, so it cannot be used more than once as an entry document. Applicants must complete an online application form including their details, travel itinerary, and passport information. They must also select their preferred entry point.

Kindly note that the e-visa for Myanmar can only be used for land and air travel, not sea trips. Visitors are also advised to exit the country before or on the day their visa expires.

Myanmar Tourist visas are electronic. No documents need to be mailed to A1 SAME DAY PASSPORT &VISA SERVICES NYC for processing. You will receive your electronic visa via e-mail.

Myanmar e Visa For Tourism Validity

The visa is valid after three months of issue.

Myanmar e Visa For Tourism Processing Time

You should get your visa in three days or less.

Port of Entry

Here are the approved entry routes Airports: Mandalay International Airport – Nay Pyi Taw International Airport – Yangon International Airport Border Crossing: Myanmar – Thailand border ( Tachileik border crossing – Kawthuang border crossing)

Fill out Myanmar Tourist e-visa application form online and provide digital copies of the following documents: A1 SAME DAY PASSPORT & VISA SERVICES NYC:

01. Passport copy. A clear scan of the information pages of your valid, signed passport.

02. Passport-type photograph. One original color photo (4.6 cm X 3.8 cm) taken in recent 3 months with white background.

03. Return ticket. Applicants must provide a digital format(PDF, JPG) of ticket from Myanmar (or an onward travel ticket) to ensure that the traveler does not overstay their allotted time in the country.

04. Hotel Reservations. Copy of hotel reservations (Applicant's name must be on Hotel Reservation) and must be attached to the application. Tourists must stay in registered hotels, motels, inns, guest house and resort during your stay in Myanmar.

05. Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate. A copy of your Vaccination Certificate.

Additional information

If the applicant has child(ren) under (7) years old on the same passport, you have to put the name of that child, date of birth in the minor section of the application form.

Travelers MUST enter Myanmar at Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay International Airport to be eligible for e-visas. Otherwise, please use Tourist Visa.

  • Previous visa. A copy of a previously issued Myanmar visa, if this is not your first visit.
  • Original Myanmar passport. Applicants must surrender their original Myanmar passport. If passport has already been surrendered, provide a copy of the certified letter from the Embassy acknowledging receipt.
  • Police report and Affidavit. If original Myanmar passport has been lost or stolen, provide a certified copy of Police Report and a NOTARIZED Affidavit of Citizenship.

For journalists, writers, photographers, designers, and those who work with media; regardless of purpose in India, must apply for a Journalist Visa.

Application form. The minor must sign or print his or her name in the signature box under the photograph on page one. Minors that are too young to print their name should have their thumbprint stamped into the box in blue or black ink. The second page of the application form must be signed by both parents.
Birth certificate. A photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate. The birth certificate must be the “long form” certificate which shows the names and nationalities of the applicant’s parents. Applicants born outside of the US who cannot obtain a copy of their birth certificate may submit a copy of an official document issued by Government authorities, provided it shows their personal particulars like name, date of birth, parents names, and nationality. Foreign language documents must be accompanied by a notarized English translation.
Parental Authorization. A Parental Authorization for Minors form from the Indian Consulate, signed by both parents and NOTARIZED. This form is available here
Parents’ passport copies. NOTARIZED copy of the information pages of both parents’ signed passports.
Parents’ driver’s licenses. NOTARIZED copy of both parents’ driver’s licenses.
  • Marriage Certificate: A copy of the Marriage Certificate if the applicant’s name differs between the documents provided
  • Non-US citizens are strongly recommended to apply for the shortest duration available. The Embassy may issue a lesser validity visa at their discretion, regardless of the fee that is paid.
According to Indian Consulate’s regulations, the passport will be mailed DIRECTLY to the traveler once their visa is issued. The passport will be shipped via FedEx or UPS and will only be sent to your RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS. Therefore it is mandatory that the home address listed on your application is accurate and matches your driver’s license or a current utility bill.
The return delivery fee of $15 has been added as part of the standard consular fee. Please note this fee may be higher for residents in certain parts of Alaska and Hawaii where standard FedEx service is not available.
Passport MUST contain at least two blank visa pages in order for the visa to be issued.
International Travellers having Pakistani Passport or Pakistani origin may please apply for regular Visa at Indian Mission.

Myanmar Tourist e-visa fees for citizens of United Kingdom

Type of visa
Embassy fee
Single entry (28 days stay)
up to 90 days
3 business days
28 days Single Entry (Express)
up to 90 days
3 business days

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