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Lost or Stolen Passport


  • DS-11 Passport Application (Click here to complete the passport application).
  • Gather Evidence of US Citizenship.
  • Driver’s License or State ID
  • Passport Photographs – We do offer passport photos with a cost of $15, if you’d like to opt for it.
  • US Government Fees:
    • Passport Book: $190 or Passport Book and Card: $220
    • Passport Execution Fees: $35 [Payable at Post office during the application sealing process]
  • Authorization Letter(Click here to view the LOA)
  • Only if Damaged – A letter explaining how it was damaged, sample letter –(Click Here)
Please email us for the pricing at a1samedaypassport@gmail.com, we will respond you back with necessary details including the pricing.

Mode of Payment Accepted:

  • Cash
  • Card
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Zelle/Venmo

Important Points:

  • Make sure your signature on the application is consistent, if the signs are not consistent then please let us know we can provide a letter stating the signature has changed over time.
  • In terms of guaranteeing you the outcome of the application, we don’t 100% guarantee the outcome of the application as the passport gets issued by the Dept of States. The reasons the passport application can be delayed at the passport agency is due to the below-listed reasons.
    • If there’s an investigation on the applicant’s name could be a city, state, or federal or/and If the applicant owes anything in taxes, child support or/and If the Dept of States does not get clearance of the applicant’s identity
  • We do guarantee that if the application is approved by the Dept of States then we will give the passport to you within the time service (time frame) you have selected. There is no refund issued to the applicant until and unless there’s been a delay in the application submission (This has never happened but in case it does you will get the refund).

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