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In the vibrant city of USA, we offer the best visa picture services at A1 Same Day Passport & Visa Services NYC. Our expert photographers specialize in capturing visa photos that comply with the required size, regulation, and quality standards. Our extensive experience and knowledge guarantee a hassle-free process with no rejections. We have received letters of gratitude from numerous consulates attesting to our exceptional service. Understanding each country’s unique rules and regulations, we ensure your visa photo meets all tedious requirements. Our high-quality lighting equipment and cameras, combined with your approval before printing, ensure top-notch quality for your visa photos. You can count on A1 Same Day Passport & Visa Services NYC for a perfect visa picture for your smooth visa process.

100% Acceptance Rate

Our expert professionals utilize innovative equipment and consider all necessary guidelines of every country to ensure that your picture can’t be rejected. We have been taking perfect pictures for years, and not even a single customer’s passport picture has ever faced objection. Most people click their pictures or take help from a cheap cameraperson or an AI tool and eventually face rejection. The chance to obtain a passport on time will be delayed if your passport photographs are rejected. That is a waste of your hard-earned money and time. To assure the quality, we only use the best lighting and cameras, and we ask for your approval before printing the picture.

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