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Kenya Visa

Having to get a visa to Kenya takes all the fun out of traveling. We are here to get it back. Just apply online below and let us do the rest.

All passengers traveling to India MUST complete Health declaration form within the 72 hours prior to the flight.

Fill out India health declaration e-form application form online

and provide digital copies of the following documents:

A. Scanned copy of China passport. A clear scan of the information pages of your valid, signed passport with at least 6 months remaining validity.

B. Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate. A copy of your Vaccination Certificate.

C. Negative COVID-19 test result. An applicant must provide a negative PCR Covid 19 test 72 hours before arrival.

Mandatory form before entering country.The form you will fill may be checked at the borders of India whether you have filled in this form or not, and If you haven’t filled in the form or made misleading statements, you may face legal and administrative sanctions.

India health declaration e-form fees for citizens of China

Type of visa
Embassy fee
Health Form
up to 3 days
2-3 Business Days

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