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Dominican Republic Visa

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Dominican Republic Visa Types

When planning a visit to the Dominican Republic, it's essential to be familiar with the different types of visas available to ensure a smooth and legal entry into the country. The Dominican Republic offers two main visa types: the short-stay visa and the long-stay visa, each serving different purposes for travelers. The short-stay visa allows visitors to stay in the Dominican Republic for up to three months. However, it's important to note that with a short-stay visa, you cannot apply for a residence permit. This type of visa is typically used for tourism purposes, allowing individuals to explore the country's stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and historical sites. On the other hand, the long-stay visa offers the opportunity to stay in the Dominican Republic for up to one year. If you plan to stay longer than a year, you can apply for a residence permit, which opens doors to various possibilities such as work, study, investment, retirement, or family reunion.

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