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Djibouti Visa Types

A1 SAME DAY PASSPORT &VISA SERVICES NYC offers access to interested applicants who wish to apply for a tourism, business, or transit e-visa for Djibouti. We understand you need all the information to apply for the visa, so we dedicated the following sections to each visa. Please keep reading to know more.

Tourist e-visa required

Business e-visa required

Business visa required

Family/social visit e-visa required

Tourist visa required

Transit e-visa required

Fill out Djibouti Tourist e-visa application form online and provide digital copies of the following documents:

01. Passport copy. A copy of the information pages of your valid, signed passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.

02. Passport-type photograph. Passport style photo, with a white background, taken within the last 6 months. The passport photo must be in one of the following formats: JPG or PNG.

03. Itinerary. A reservation of the flight itinerary under the traveler's name. Must show flights entering and exiting Djibouti.

04. Personal invitation. If visiting friends or family, you must provide letter of invitation with the contact information of the host and visitor, purpose and duration of the visit, confirmation of accommodation including the address, signature, and date. You will also need to provide a copy of the inviting party's Djibouti Passport and Djibouti ID Card.

05. Hotel Reservation. Copy of hotel reservations (Applicant's name must be on Hotel Reservation).

Djibouti Tourist e-visa fees for citizens of Argentina

Type of visa
Embassy fee
Single entry (14 days stay)
up to 90 days
5 business days
12.00 USD
Single entry (90 days stay)
up to 90 days
5 business days
23.00 USD

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